Its been a while now so has Obama done what he said he was going to do for the environment when he was running for president?



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    This is, as with all political issues, a matter of opinion and debate. The majority of the Obama-Biden environmental plan was pointed toward investing in clean energy and promoting energy efficiency. The Recovery and Reinvestment Act pumped $80 billion dollars into clean energy. Efficiency standards for home appliances, vehicles and homes have all become much more rigid; tax credits have been created to aid citizens in making these changes. A complete list of energy-geared legislation can be viewed here.  While Obama is a major supporter of moving the nation toward clean energy, the New York Times summarized the major problem in a 2009 article entitled “Obama Hobbled in Fight Against Global Warming,”

    “Mr. Obama has found himself limited in his ambitions by a Congress that is unwilling to move as far or as fast as he would like. “ – John M. Broder

    In addition to the two links at the bottom, you can check out his campaign commitment to climate change and renewable energy here.

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