Is it wrong to buy Shell and Castrol new engine oils which is in small plastic containers pour into a 200ltr drums and export to overseas?

An overseas serious buyer is aksing me to supply new Shell and Castrol engine oils in large quantity. When I contacted Castrol and Shell in my country and asked them to supply large quantity in 200ltr drums, they refuce to entertain my request. Can i buy small containers from various petrol stations and pour into 200ltr drums and exort without their knowledge? Is this wrong?



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    That deals a lot with exportation laws, importation laws, and the resale laws of Shell and Castrol. So that depends on the country you’re importing them into, the country you’re exporting from, and you’ll also have to contact Shell and Castrol themselves to ask, first of all, why you can’t purchase the large drums, and second, if you can pour the smaller containers into larger containers. Remember, it is better to be safe than sorry. You don’t want to regret it if you do that and get caught doing it if you’re not supposed to.

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