Is it worth it to rebuild coastal cities like New Orleans, when they’re still vulnerable to future disasters that are likely to increase in frequency and severity?



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    Either way New Orleans needed to be rebuilt after Katrina so the community could move back in, so why not build it back sustainable and green! It might cost a little more, but I think it is worth it, if not now, when?

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    This is a very subjective question. There are many places in the world that are vulnerable to natural disasters – anywhere near volcanoes, or fault lines (like California), islands in the Pacific. New Orleans is likely to experience further flooding, but it is also a historic American city – home to Jazz and Mardi Gras. I personally think it is worth saving, but we also need to take precautions to prevent damage from any future disasters. What do other people think?

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    It’s easy to say that from our viewpoint outside of New Orleans, but try telling that to someone who’s lived there their whole life. It may be susceptible to natural disaster, but San Francisco is susceptible to earthquakes, while some cities in Texas are at a risk for tornadoes. It doesn’t seem fair to let a city decay just because of their geographical location.

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