Is it worse for the environment to throw away CD’s or Cassette tapes?



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    I’d probably say that throwing away cassettes are worse for the environment. The tapes have more plastic parts and would take up more overall space in a landfill. Plastic is also extremely difficult to break down, so it would be in the landfill for quite a long time. Even though CDs take up less space, they are also in much greater quantities than cassette players in this day and age. With this known, I’d still say that cassettes are worse for the environment. 

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    Just a head’s up—you can recycle CDs and their cases. City recycling probably won’t take them, but electronics stores will. Best Buy has a list on their site of thing that they will and will not take in store and at their recycling kiosks. Unfortunately, they won’t take cassette tapes, but depending on how much they are damaged, you could sell them to a used book store or donate them to a thrift store like Goodwill. Also, you can recycle them through GreenDisk who are the only company I’ve seen that does so. Visit their site below to find out how.

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