Is it worse for the environment for me to turn on my heater or burn wood in my fireplace?



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    Solar and geothermal heating is the best way to heat a house, but as for your question, that depends on what type of heater you’re talking about and also how insulated your house is. I think you have to look at the big picture though, and that is that our dependency on fossil fuels (which are used for making electicity) have gotten us into all types of problems politically AND environmentally. For that reason, and since fewer people are doing it, I would use a good wood stove, and take a good look at how I could better insulate my home. Buy a low emissions fireplace like this one, as well as doing things like: use small peices of very dry wood to reduce smoke, little or no newspaper, use a fireplace that has a good EPA rating (1-4 grams of smoke per hour,) buy a “catylitic” stove to burn off the smoke itself, and insulate doors, window, and attics.

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