Is it worse for the environment if an oil rig spills or if a tanker spills?



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    It depends. The tanker (Exxon Valdez) that spilled into Prince William Sound in Alaska was one of the worst spills. The leaking well last summer was the worst accidental spill of any type.

    Tankers and drill rigs and production platforms can all produce spills. Some are huge. Most are small. Some are medium.

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    Oil rig spills like the Gulf can definitely be worse than a big tanker spill. We know how much oil a tanker can hold, but as we saw last summer, there is no telling exactly how much oil is in a well. An  oil tanker like Exxon Valdez can certainly hold a lot of oil, but a tanker can only hold so many gallons. Oil rigs spill oil that is in the earth, which naturally can hold (and spill) millions more gallons than a tanker. 

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