Is it wise to just sell break down washing machine to a scrap dealer when there are so many valueble items in it?

If i salvage the motor from washing machine and other valuable parts i.e pressure switches, drive belts, solenoid valves, heating mechanism, pulleys, and the heat pump (compressor), how much can i sell to recover good money? Who will buys all those items?



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    A great option is to sell those things on, if you have access to a digital camera and the will to start running an eBay business. I searched for some of the parts you referred to on eBay, and many go for a fair amount of money. The first link below is a guide to starting out on eBay.

    There might also be companies that buy spare parts in your area, but you will have to look them up. A few internet searches could lead you to some companies that purchase those parts nearby, although I am not sure who or what industry buys them.

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