Is it a waste of energy to have music constantly playing I malls?



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    While energy is consumed in operating a central stereo system that broadcasts music through various speakers throughout a shopping center, it is a relatively small amount compared to heating/air and lighting throughout the facility, as well as miscellaneous energy costs associated with individual shops.

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    I would also suggest thinking about the idea of “wasting” the energy.  I can understand applying the term to a facility that is say, way too bright, or way to hot or cold, saying that they are wasting energy providing an environment that isn’t even comfortable.  Music, on the other hand, as chiabia pointed out, takes very little energy to produce, but to top this off, it also enriches our experience.  Something that does this, in my opinion, is worth the little energy it requires to produce. 

    p.s. – In the event that the choice of music is horrendous, then yes, it is a waste! haha. but that is up to the listener to ultimately decide.

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      Indeed, a shopping center is a leisurely, social atmosphere, and music is meant for the enjoyment of consumers. Perhaps an easy fix would be for shopping centers to invest in some green upgrades and use solar energy to power such amenities.

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    Malls waste so much energy to begin with — I definitely think it is a waste of energy to have music blasting in malls.  I understand the malls are trying to create a certain ambiance, but keeping music constantly pumping during business hours uses a lot of energy.  It would not only help the environment, but it would help the malls reduce the cost of their electrical bills.  

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