Is it very expensive to grow your own vegetables?



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    Growing your own vegetables can be costly because of the conditions and tools you will need. Aside from seeds, you must take into account fertilizer, garden tools, and the cost of water. The best way to get the greatest yield out of your crop is to plant vegetables that have a high yield. Some options are peas, tomatoes, squash, beans and corn.

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    Growing your own vegetables can save you money in the long run, but it will of course depend of a number of factors. Which vegetables you choose, what you decide they need to grow, and how much you spend on vegetables in the first place, are just a few. (I am going to disagree with the first answer here that corn is a high yield vegetable, but the others mentioned are) Snap peas, tomatoes, and lettuce likely will save you money if you don’t go overboard in the garden supplies. I only had a few lettuce plants available to me last summer and I didn’t have to buy lettuce once. Seeds are inexpensive, and you may need to buy some decent soil or fertilizer, but overall the cost is cheaper in many cases, and overall it is a rewarding experience. You get the satisfaction of watching your food grow, you eat healthy, fresh, organic plants, you don’t have to worry about them “going bad” in the fridge, and the taste is usually better. The link below has a great cost table comparing growing to buying, and some recommendations of which veggies might be good to start with.

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    There are a number of steps you can take to reduce the overall cost and many of those costs are one-time.  Raised beds can be built, tools are only purchased as needed and seeds are very low cost.  I do purchase non-GMO, organic seeds when starting something we haven’t grown before, but I plant them indoors and allow them to get a good start before moving them into a raised bed outside.  I also succession plant so that I have vegetables for a longer time period.  You can cover your vegetables (depending on the time of year) to either keep them warmer in winter or cooler in summer.  We move our raised beds under shelter if we need to as well.  Once you plant your herbs you can use them year around – we cut fresh rosemary or cilantro as we need and then we also dry some as well.  It is also less expensive to save seeds from your plants for future plantings and to share.

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    probably not… pretty much all you need is the seeds, bulbs, or whatever you’re planting, water, and good soil.

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    Initially it can be because you’d have to invest in tools, seeds, probably soil and possibly wood and such to build a space to plant the vegetables. But in the long run (especially if you keep replanting with the seasons) it will actually save you money and it is so satisfying to eat food you grew yourself. Also, you know its fresh, organic, and definitely local!

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