Is it unsanitary to use your hand instead of toilet paper as long as you thoroughly wash your hands afterwards?



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    Theoretically, if you wash your hands thoroughly and use some sort of hand sanitizer, no, it would not be unsanitary. The problem with hand-wiping is that we have fingernails and it is very easy to get feces under them and VERY difficult to get it out, since fingernails are difficult to clean. Most people also don’t spend more than a minute washing their hands, and so it just increases the chances that you will “miss a spot”, an act that could cause you a lot of trouble if you were to get any sort of infection. The BIGGER problem is that while you’re saving a couple of sheets of toilet paper, you will be WASTING LOTS MORE WATER, which sort of defeats the purpose and makes you even less environmentally conscious. I suggest using one-ply and recycled toilet paper, here’s a good link to other things you can do:

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