Is it true that you find truffles using pigs?



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    Yes!  Pigs are used to find truffles because they have a great sense of smell and a natural inclination to search for food in the earth.  They are less obedient than dogs though, and may eat the truffles.  Today both dogs and pigs are used to find truffles. 

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    Yes it is. Trufflers use pigs because they have very sensitive sense of smell and are good at rooting around in the ground. The are very well trained to look for truffles. Today is is common for people to use dogs as well or instead of pigs because pigs eat many of the truffles, but purists insist that pigs are better.

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    At least in Italy, I don’t know anyone that still uses Pigs to hunt truffles.  Dogs are much better.  Its a tricky business to try and remove a Truffle from the mouth of a Sow in heat, and its very hard to get a fully grown Pig into the back of a Panda 4*4

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    Pigs can find truffles. They use their snouts to both smell and dig for the food. To be clear, the truffles are mushrooms, not chocolate 🙂 Female pigs are typically used to find truffles because they find the scent of truffles to be similar to the male pigs. A disadvantage to having pigs find truffles though is that they tend to eat the truffles as soon as they find them.

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