Is it true that wild boars love to eat corn dipped in diesel?

(I’ve heard this is one way that ranchers trap them.)

If so, wouldn’t this indirectly poison anyone who ate that boar meat.

(Which I’ve also heard happens after ranchers trap them.)



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    Based on some interesting and colorful articles put out there by ranchers trapping wild boar and sharing those secrets, it seems the animals don’t mind the diesel.  The main reason for it is not the boars’ love of diesel oil but the fact that they will eat the corn anyway while coons and other animals that might have gone for the corn will avoid it.

    I couldn’t find information about humans poisoned by boar meat that had diesel oil traces in it, and I imagine it wouldn’t be enough to seriously harm anyone but who wants to eat animals that ate diesel anyway?  Here is the NYT’s account of Diesel Oil poisoning:

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    Two different blogs are of the opinion that diesel does in fact attract wild boars.  This is for hunting, though; the smell might attract them, but whether or not they like to consume it is debatable.

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