Is it true that when you hold your breath too long you turn blue?



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    Your skin can turn a blue hue from lack of proper oxygen in the blood.  Oxygenated blood is actually red, and we have a slightly pinkish hue due to the oxygenated blood traveling in our capillaries.  The veins in our body carry the de-oxygenated blood back to our lungs to drop off the CO2 and pick up more oxygen.  When you hold your breath you are not getting fresh oxygen, and if you can hold it long enough (not recommended) you might turn slightly bluish.  Most people give up on holding their breath before they could do harm to themselves, but holding your breath too long can make you pass out and you could get injured in a fall, so don’t try to turn blue.

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    Chances are most people won’t get to the stage of turning blue without first losing consciousness, and at that point the body will immediately revert to breathing once more; so while it is possible to turn blue, most people will not reach that stage.

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