Is it true that Venus is Earth’s brother planet?



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    Venus is sometimes regarded as Earth’s sister planet, this is because of their similarities. Venus is slightly smaller than Earth, both have indicating factors that lead to the conclusion that they have relatively young surfaces and their densities and chemical compositions are similar.

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    Correct, as jessthemess has already pointed out, Venus is typically referred to as a sister planet of Earth.  The idea is that both Earth and Venus had a common origin point billions of years ago.  The similarities of the two planets are mainly superficial–reflecting similar size, area, and density.  Otherwise, the two are like day and night.  Unlike Earth, Venus is completely unhabitable to human beings. Venus’ atmosphere could not sustain our life and the temperatures are extreme, to say the least.  With the hottest surface of any other planet in our solar system, Venus can reach a soaring 890 degrees Fahrenheit!

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