Is it true that two sea lions were nearly sentenced to death?



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    If you are referring to the case in 2008 at Bonneville Dam in Oregon, then actually more than two were “sentenced to death”, or “sentenced to removal”. Despite the protection of sea lions under the Marine Mammal Protection Act, this population’s voracious appetite for salmon finally prompted the National Marine Fisheries Service to allow the taking of 85 sea lions a year for five years from the Bonneville Dam. The agency urged that the animals be removed to aquaria or ocean theme parks, but allowed euthanasia after two days if the animals were unclaimed. In the 1990s the same allowance was made for sea lions in Puget Sound, Washington. Five particularly pesky offenders were identified, and three of those were taken in by an aquatic park. The whereabouts of the other two remain unknown, so it’s possible these are the “two” you refer to in your question.

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