Is it true that turtles can breathe through their butts?



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    This. is. true. 

    Strangely enough, some species of turtles can breath through their cloaca, or anus. Water is circulated in and out of the turtles cloaca where thousands of tiny blood rich projections can absorb oxygen. This is similar to the way fish absorb oxygen through their gills. 

    Weird science. 

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    Yes it is true for some turtles, but perhaps not exactly how you may think. Turtles have a “rear vent” known as a cloaca and in some rare turtles cases these cloaca have vascular sacs known as bursae. This allows gases to be exchanged and when a turtle is submerged in water it allows oxygen to reach the bloodstream. An Australian species of turtle called the Fitzroy River turtle is able to derive up to two-thirds of it’s oxygen in this manner. However, most other turtles who have cloaca bursae are only able to supply themselves with a very small amount of oxygen through their butt. 

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