Is it true there is feces in landfills?



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    Yes, there are feces in landfills. Human waste from disposable diapers are found in them, and pet waste, both of which can lead to hazardous conditions. 

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    Did you know you are supposed to empty out the feces from diapers into the toilet before you throw them away? Less than half of a percent (.05%) of diaper waste makes it into the sewage system. This leaves about 5 million tons of untreated feces, possibly carrying over 100 intestinal viruses, sitting in our landfills and seeping into groundwater. It also attracts disease-ridden insects and rodents49. If you want to learn more about feces and urine in landfills, read this report by the Environmental Protection Agency 

    The Diaper Drama – Environment (Diaper Pin)

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    Of course – diapers, cat litter, dog poop. Feces is the least gross thing in a landfill.

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