Is it true that some pollution helps to form clouds? Is this good or bad?



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    Before the industrial revolution volcano eruptions changed climate by ejecting the atmosphere with aerosols and particulate matter which would create clouds, lowering climate. The clouds formed by the volcanoes were very thick and did not allow normal levels of sun radiation through, therefore cooling the Earth. One could say that these same phenomena are happening with pollution. Pollution has created clouds that are thick enough to prevent full sun radiation to hit the Earth in some areas. This should not be used to reject Global Warming, humans need to take responsibility for what we have done to nature and bring it back to its natural state as much as possible.

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    Yes pollution does aid in the formation of clouds, but what happens is the packets of water that are forming these clouds stick to the pollution itself. The precipitation in clouds need to stick to somethiing in order to save up enough water to get heavy enough to fall to the ground. Usually water sticks to random particles floating around to do this, and pollution is sometimes the agent. When this happens on a large scale it can produce acid rain. Acid rain is mostly caused by emissions of compounds of sulfur, nitrogen, and carbon which react with the water molecules in the atmosphere to produce acids.

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