Is it true some companies abuse cows that are raised to eat?



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    Sometimes slaughter houses are cruel to the animals. When cows are raised  for beef, they can be placed in living situations that are unimaginable (placed side by side, no space to move, poor quality food, poor air regulation, etc.) 

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    Yes, it’s true. The link below shows a graphic video of dairy cows being abused (beaten, stomped, stabbed). I suggest if you want to see it for yourself, you should proceed with caution. 

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    Oh my goodness, yes. Factory farming is a disturbingly common and supported practice in the United States, and has been since the mid-twentieth century. The whole idea behind factory farming was to mass-produce meat, eggs, and dairy while simultaneously cutting costs. The easiest way to do that was ultimately by cutting back on animals “benefits” (just like modern corporations cut back human worker’s health or vacation benefits in times of economic hardship), benefits such as the freedom to walk, access to the most basic of healthcare, and the freedom to live in clean environments.

    With regards to cattle raised for their flesh (which are almost all bulls or male cows, as all females capable of being impregnated are used for dairy), intense violence is a mass-producing farmer’s primary way of quickly raising millions of large cattle in a relatively small space. Flesh cows all graze for one year (an extraordinary amount of freedom for the average factory-farmed animal), but during this time receive no medical attention, leaving them open to a variety of infections and viruses. The animal is not treated or quarantined for any reason other than suspected mad cow disease (this only as a result of regulatory laws passed in 2003!). After this year, it is painfully branded, castrated, and its horns are cut off (all with no pain killers or surgical equipment — just machinery like you would see in a factory). For the rest of their lives the cows literally live in their own waste, crammed in cages too small for them to turn around in, eating a combination of hormone-enhanced feed grain and their own waste.

    Dairy cows are even worse. They are kept constantly impregnated and drugged to ensure constant meat flow. This often makes their udders large, swollen, and distended, dragging on the ground and purple with painful infections that are rarely treated. They are mechanically milked via intrusive, painful machines (imagine your nipples being pinched and then twisted for six hours every day by metal clamps). After three or four years of this, the animals are generally so sick and worn out that they are considered “downed” — too sick to walk to the meat lots where they will become ground beef. To get them there, factory farmers will beat, stab, and move the animals with bulldozers (literally) in an attempt to coerce the animal into walking through excessive pain.

    Factory farming is also insanely painful and abusive for veal, chicken, and pigs, as well as fish and egg-laying chickens. For more information (which is not graphic but still disturbing), please visit the link cited below.

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      Oh wow! I am not sure what to say about everyting you stated as fact, but you should visit a farm sometime. Just about eveyting in your post is twisted a bit from reality. Many organizations will post the most enciting comments to get people who don’t research information on their side based on emotion. PETA or Limbaugh, Earthfirst or drudge, they all do it. My Grandmother raised her 9 kids on a dairy farm by herself after my grandfater died when my mother was a young child. My memories are of a saint of a woman who did what she thought was right for her animals and her family. Many of the accepted practices of the 1940’s aren’t anymore, but she tried to do the best. Education of the farming community and thoughtful research from the public can lead to a happy symbiotic relationship. Please take a holistic view. Videos of individuals are of individuals. Because a woman beats up a man in some video does not mean all women beat up men. Factual study actually shows the opposite. Thank you for considering these situations.

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    Any cow that is factory farmed is abused in my opinion.  They are kept in horribly cramped conditions just basically sitting in their own massive pile of feces.  They are fed corn, which is not something that their stomachs can naturally break down.  Because of this, they are pumped with tons of antibiotics to ward off the infections caused by the corn and the unlivable environment. I would watch Food Inc., read Fast Food Nation, and The Omnivore’s Dilemma for more information about big agri-business.  

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    Having a dad who is a cow veterinarian, I would say that there are some instances of extreme cruelty, but for the most part there is not much cruelty of dairy  cows. The reason for this is the farmers depend on these cows for their livelihood, they are not going to mistreat them. Dairy cows cost around $2,000, and each one is an investment made by the farmer. Having worked on dairy’s all my life, I do not feel that cows are mistreated there in the way that some people think. For example, most cows do not mind being milked, it pains them not to be milked actually, as they are not with their calves and have no way of getting rid of their milk. I have no doubt that there are instances of cruelty in slaughterhouses and other places, I just do not think that it is as bad as it seems. You are not going to abuse that on which you depend on. 

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    Yes, abuse of cattle definitely happens. Here is a news story that I saw on GreenAnswers about a farm violently abusing dairy cows:

    Warning– the video is really graphic.

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    No shit, Sherlock

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    It depends on your definition of “abuse”, but almost all animals raised for food are abused in some way.

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