Is it true that radioactive debris leaking into the Rio Grande River poses no threat to humans or the environment?



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    The reason that officials say there is no threat to humans or the ecosystem from radioactivity is because the concentration of radioactive material is highly diluted by the water of the river. When stirred up by flood waters, the debris then becomes trapped in canyons and can then be hauled away. As far as long term dangers, there may be a concern with the debris settling of the river bed and then leeching into groundwater, but this has not been found. Also it is important to understand the differences in types of radiation, some types, like fission fragments are acutely harmful to humans. Other types of radiation that come from the carbon isotope 14 (or Carbon-14) are naturally occurring in humans and all living things; it is this type of radiation that allows archeologists to estimate the age of fossils. What is important to remember is that not all radiation will cause sickness in humans and that we all expose ourselves to radiation on a daily basis in the form of cell phones, microwaves, sunlight, etc.  

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