Is it true that preheating the oven is unnecessary?



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    It is necessary to preheat ovens before you use them to bake or broil because otherwise the cooking times for the foods you are cooking will be thrown off. Most recipes include cooking times, and these are based on your preheating the oven first. If you don’t preheat the oven before you cook, the food’s cooking time will be significantly extended, which could adversely affect the finished dish.

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    Preheating is important for baking and roasting because they rely on proper temperatures to help them rise and cook properly. One reason preheating the oven is done is because not all ovens will heat at the same rate, so once the temperature is established, a determined cooking time can be set. So if you can figure out the difference in temperature and time required to not preheat the oven, then a lot of energy can be saved.

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