Is it true that playing in the dirt is actually good for kids’ immune systems?



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    It is true that some exposure to germs help children develop an effective immune system. However, this is accomplished through every day living. They don’t actually need to play in the dirt, and if they do they should wash their hands! 

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    Yes!  Kids who grow up on farms have fewer allergies and asthma, and it only stands to reason that time spent playing in the dirt would have a similar affect.  Basically, the exposure of these kids to microbes in dirt and animal poop helps their growing immune systems develop resistance to other, more harmful germs.

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    There are scientific studies to back this up. In studies of hygiene hypothesis, researchers have found that the “dirt,” viruses, bacterias and worms that enter the body help in the development of a healthy immune system. According to researcher Dr. Weinstock (quoted in the New York Times,) children raised “in an ultraclean environment are not being exposed to organisms that help them develop appropriate immune regulatory circuits.” He encourages parents to let their children go barefoot in dirt and play in the dirt.

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