Is it true that disease is a naturally-occurring population control?



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    This is largely true, especially in animal populations. Even if food is abundant, if the population grows so much that animals are forced into very close contact with each other, disease transmission increases and thus so do death rates. This happens with humans, too – low income slums with high population densities have some of the worst life expectancies in the world. Any time a population reaches a certain critical density, disease is likely to strike and the population will decrease. Around the world, however, this is not a huge issue, as the population is continuing to increase rapidly and shows no signs of slowing.

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    Yes it is in some instances. Disease does kill off weaker members of a society that for socieconomical reasons do not have access to adequate healthcare. However, it is more complicated in that societal status and access to healthcare play a very large part of this process and that the selection process is thus not so much based on how strong the person but how much money he or she has.

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