Is it true that most metals forged since Hiroshima have had radioactive contamination?



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    I could not find evidence pointing to the fact you mention. But, I did find similar disturbing information related to contaminated metals from the production of the bomb. The facility that manufactured the deadly atom bomb recently shipped radioactive remnants from the project to an unregulated landfill in San Pedro, California. On top of this, they sold 300 tons of radioactively contaminated metals to a recycling facility in San Pedro. It appears the legacy of Hiroshima is alive even thousands of miles away from where the bombs were dropped.

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    Hydrologists use radioactive tritium – a product of nuclear explosions – to determine the age of groundwater. It’s more or less a yes-no – if tritium is there, the water is older than 1963 (when above ground nuclear testing pretty much ended); if not, it is younger. The amounts are measurable but tiny tiny tiny.

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      I did not know about this process re dating groundwater, thank you for the info.

      I still can’t seem to find any confirmation that radioactive contamination is in most metals forged post-Hiroshima (or why that would be the case). I read that assertion in a footnote in the book “The Atlantic” by Simon Winchester, but have not found any other sources saying how/why this would be the case.

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      I have not found anything that seems to be other than a version of the information in Winchester’s book. Maybe you could just ask him what his basis for the statement is?

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