Is it true that moss grows more on the north side of a tree and if so what causes it?



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    The reason it is more likely that the north side of a tree or rock would have more moss or more luxuriant moss is that the North side would recieve less direct sunlight than the other directions. This is particularly true in the middle latitudes of the northern hemisphere. Moss groes in moist and shady places. Relatively speaking, the north side will usually be the shadiest and most moist side – promoting the most moss growth.

    Even Northern mountain slopes like those found in Africa are visibly greener than their southern slopes. This isn’t due to moss. It’s because anything green will be cooler and less dry on the northern side.

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    Like urbanursine said, this rule is generally true in the middle latitudes.  Remember though, moss can grow on any side of a tree when conditions are right.  I’m from the Pacific Northwest and this rule is NOT true. 

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