Is it true that milk is not good for health as we are being told?



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    I don’t think that’s true. It’s true that it can be quite unhealthy if you drink milk in excess but drinking in an appropriate amount is good for you – milk is arguably essential to a growing person because it is filled with calcium and other nutrients. 

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    Humans are the only animal that drink milk past infancy as well as the only animal that drinks another animal’s milk.  Also, once past infancy, people have a hard time digesting dairy products that is why so many adults are “lactose intolerant”, many (60% or more) adults are really unable to digest lactose.  

    “Being able to digest milk is so strange that scientists say we shouldn’t really call lactose intolerance a disease, because that presumes it’s abnormal. Instead, they call it lactase persistence, indicating what’s really weird is the ability to continue to drink milk.”

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    There are actually a lot of harmful things that milk has been found to create. The hormones in milk are harmful to humans, and may increase a person’s risk of getting certain types of cancer, hardening of the arteries and increased risk of arthritis can be a result of drinking milk. It can even contribute to allergies later in a person’s life. 

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    This also depends on what sort of milk you’re drinking. Are you drinking raw milk? Camel’s milk? Goat’s milk?

    Also, be wary of where such information is coming from. One study can say that milk is totally beneficial, but it comes from an association of dairy farmers. Another study can say that milk is totally harmful, but it comes from PETA. Both groups have their own interests to look out for first.

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    The human body is not meant to digest cows milk and thus in some cases, people can’t drink it at all. Goats milk however is much less in fat molecules than cow milk and similar to human milk. Therefore, it can be a healthy alternative to breast milk for infants. 

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