Is it true that the global temperature is rising even faster than scientists though just a few years ago? Why is this?



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    It is true that temperatures and sea levels are increasing faster than was expected a few years ago. Many are claiming that the IPCC predictions were made too conservative in order to gain a consensus of all involved in producing the report.

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    This is true. According to a recent report issued by the UN Environment Program, global temperatures are rising faster than we estimated as recently as two years ago; and the global temperature will rise by 6.3 degrees Fahrenheit by the end of the century even if our most ambitious emissions reduction goals are met. This is likely a result of global warming feedback mechanisms, whereby certain trends like rising ocean temperatures, melting glaciers, and an influx of fresh water into oceans accelerates the pace of warming, which in turn accelerates the pace of rising ocean temperatures, melting glaciers, etc. This shocking evidence will hopefully serve as a wake-up call heading into the Copenhagen climate talks later this year.

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