Is it trendy right now to dress in eco friendly clothing?



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    yes of course!  Stores everywhere are putting out lines of eco-friendly clothing! American Apparel, Barney’s New York, Saks, and D&G are just to name a few!  Green is the new black, so dress up and hit the streets! 

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    Yes, but I hope it is not just a trend.  Eco-friendly clothing is not just cool, but it is functional, and important for the planet.  One company I particularly like is Simple.  They make an effort to use renewable fabrics and recycle things like car tires for the soles of their shoes. 

    Check them out at

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    Yes, we are seeing more eco friendly clothing lines being developed and more celebs endorsing them. Emma Watson and Selena Gomez are both coming out with eco friendly clothing lines. There has also been a higher demand for them in stores and is on the 2010 summer trend watch. 

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    I would say it has become very trendy. Whole Foods has its own line of eco-clothing now, and the very popular company Patagonia takes great strides in its environmentally friendly production practices. Organic cotton and clothing made from hemp is easier to find now than it ever has been in the past, and more clothes are being printed with all-natural dyes. Also, the simple “look” of outdoorsie-ness is popular, as you see many people earth tones, hiking or biking shoes even when not hiking or biking, etc.

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