Is it socially responsible for wealthy Americans to purchase land in other countries to protect the environment there?



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    I think so, but it would also be socially responsible if they provided jobs for people hurt by the purchase. Tens of thousands of people who desperately need money and/or food are out of work if the wealthy Americans purchase and preserve this land. People can be hired to protect the land from poachers and trespassers. Also tours can be given of that land if it is of significant beauty. 

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    I think that would be a good idea, but that would be hard to judge. What would be the minimum income of someone who is expected to do this, for example? Purchasing land would be the are responsible for it, and people may be afraid to invest in something like that should something happen to them. Another issue is when they die their successor may not want to be responsible for the land. I think it’s better to hold them socially responsible for donating to conservation groups, instead.

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    This is a difficult question. If the American purchases the land and truly dedicates it to conservation, than it can be a good thing. However, they must consider the owner of the land. A lot of impoverished people will sell their land for quick money, but may have crops or other uses for the land. Ideally, the new owner could work out a plan with the owner that would maximize protection for the land and for the past owner.

    The American who buys the land must make sure it is managed for conservation. They must either visit the land or hire a responsible individual to manage it. This can get expensive and it is difficult.

    It may be best for the person to donate to a conservation organiztation working in the area and who is dedicated to conservation. This would better ensure that the land will be protected.

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    It would certainly be a cool thing to do and no doubt would be treated with a lot of praise from communities, however it would be unfair to expect someone to do that or pressure him into doing that.  Also, even if someone did purchase the land, there would be no guarantee that the environment land there would be protected.  He would need to employ people to make sure that it was being put to the proper use.  While it is certainly a novel idea, there may be better/ more effective uses for that person’s money and efforts.

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