Is it self-imposed Ignorance ? to say no deaths by nuclear Power when the Facts and news have been Covered up by using Nuclear energy’s vast wealth to promote It self and say no deaths have occurred when in fact over 40 million humans were exposed to

It appears that that this site promotes only Nuclear Energy at the peril Of Mankind Using green energy In its title for A bait and Switch



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    Chernobyl and Three Mile Island, counting the aftereffects of radiation, may have caused over a million deaths total — the Fukushima disaster will have caused more than ten thousand more. However, Chernobyl and Three Mile Island were at the beginning of nuclear power, and safety has gone a long way since. If you assume that a Fukushima style disaster where there was a mild bit of negligence (placing the plant close to a coast) and where everything possible went wrong every, say, 50 years, that’s not absolutely disastrous, is it? Fossil fuels have apocalyptic dangers, albeit more continuous ones, just the same as nuclear power does — other forms of alternative energy are better when FEASIBLE, but we’re not there yet.

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      you completely avoid the Question,well over 40 million humans exposed to possible 95 different of Radiation types in the first 3 days of just Japans multiple Meltdowns and your answer and your reply statement was nobody died and its safest? now its quote’s from another still on going 25 year old Nuclear Disaster

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      I said that millions of people have died as a result of nuclear meltdowns, but that only tens of thousands have died from the Fukushima meltdown, and its reasonable not to expect such disasters to happen with any sort of frequency, and that nuclear power is still arguably safer than fossil fuels because of the latter’s impact on the environment. You’re not asking a question, you’re trying to start an argument; I’ll oblige this response, but no more.

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      No one – not one single person – has died from the radioactive problems at Fukushima.

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