It seems there is some disagreement on GreenAnswers about the dangers of hydrofracking ( What do you think? Is the concern about hydrofracking exaggerated?



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    I don’t say there is no danger, and in the question you cite mle has a reference to a serious problem (not a water supply problem, though). The potential certainly exists for fracking fluids to reach water supply aquifers. But 60 years of history suggests that in general they do not – or at least have not.

    I’m absolutely all for due dilligence, but at the same time I find too common the use of scare tactics and wholesale fear over something that may – but often does not – produce problems. I do understand the concern when it’s your drinking water. I do understand perceptions that the oil and gas industry just pollutes and does what they want. And I also realize that sometimes mistakes are made and problems arise.

    If there are examples of widespread (or even small scale) contamination of groundwater supplies by properly drilled wells, I’d love to hear about them.

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    I agree with Rigibson that the use of scare tactics and wholesale fear is not helpful in any way.  I don’t know much about the history of hyrdo-fracking; I do know that reports of contaminated well water are occuring (although if they are truly due to hyrofracking I cannot say). Why reports such as these have not been happening the entire 60 years of hydrofracking I also can’t say;  I live in Colorado and it is quickly becoming a big issue here.  

    A journalist friend of mine has recently done a lot of research for an article.  From her research, including interviews, site visits and background research, she is convinced that hyrofracking is polluting well water and that fracking fluid is dangerous.  Because no one knows what is in the fracking fluid it is impossible to know how toxic it is in spills.

    Attached is a link to an article that lists 30 different examples of possible drinking water contamination since 2004.  

    One of the reasons this is such a difficult issue is that the information is “spun” by so many different parties.  Oil and Gas wants us to believe hyrdofracking is safe as apple pie; environmentalists want us to believe hydrofracking is high dangerous.  Whose information to believe is difficult, to come to a true understanding of the situation involves a tremendous amount of research.

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