It seems like there are more new dinosaurs being discovered recently that usual. Is this the case or is it just a coincidence?



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    This is the case. The rate at which dinosaurs are discovered is on the rise, owing to the growing knowledge base within the field, as it cumulates. Other factors include the simple fact that there are more paleantologists than ever before, and that new parts of the world are being opened up to paleantologists.

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    Dinosaur discovery has indeed increased dramatically in just the last two decades.  From their discovery in the 1870s, to the 1970s, only about one dinosaur a year was catalogued.  In 1970 to 1990, discovery increased to 6 per year, and after 1990 15-24 a year are discovered.  That’s an 85% increase since 1990!  Paleontology is a rich field in this age of information, and technology has made finding and categorizing dinosaurs easier, not to mention significant advances in transportation.

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