It seems like every time I read about electric vehicles I hear about a new battery startup, do we really need that many?



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    It might be necessary now to have several different battery systems because we aren’t sure yet which ones will be successful and scalable. Many of them might seem like a good idea now, and they might work on a small scale, but we may not be able to really know if they work until they are put to the test and have to compete with other systems. Eventually, one model will do the best and then we can adopt that on a wider scale.

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    Part of the philosophy behind the free market economy we follow in the United States is that competition brings about a higher quality of products and more competitive pricing. So, even if one company may be enough to successfully produce a battery for electric vehicles, having others who can boast a comparable product would help to control costs. Since one of the greatest challenges with producing electric vehicles has been the cost associated with the new lithium ion batteries, any method to control cost, including competition, is beneficial.

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