it says that a bathroom is also a “zero-second zone,”…why would anyone be eating in a bathroom?



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    That is a good question, and one that I don’t have a definite answer for because I have never had the urge to eat in a bathroom.  However, I can offer a few possible explanations.  Perhaps someone is in an extreme hurry and has to take care of their bodily functions while also eating their lunch, in which case the logical solution would be to do both at the same time.  If you watch some movies, one of the characters in the high school lunch room doesn’t have any friends, so instead of eating by himself there, he goes into a stall and eats there.  Both of which I would not personally do, but some people might.

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    This is quite funny because this exact topic came up the other day with my roommate. It started by us talking about cell phone use in the bathroom which I am sure most of us have done at least texting. He said rather nonchalantly I even eat in the bathroom its perfectly normal. At this point his girlfriend who is also my roommate and I said “no its not”. He tried defending himself by saying when he is making a sandwich and needs to go to the bathroom he just takes his sandwich in there and finishes it. Talk about multitasking. As jaw6827 has said if someone is in a hurry it might happen as well. My roommate generally comes home to eat for lunch so I am sure that this is when he might eat in the bathroom so I would say this is as good of an excuse as any. 

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    I don’t eat in the bathroom, but I have a full medicine chest with cough, cold, stomach, and pain meds. Now we know definitavely to toss any advil that slips out of our fingers.

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