Is it sanitary to let urine sit in your toilet until the next time you use it?



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    Urine, fresh from the kidneys, is sterile. The issue, however, comes from the fact that urine is an excellent incubator for bacteria and other diseases. Since people rarely drink from the toilet, this wouldn’t mean that it is unsanitary to let the urine sit… however, if you have pets that do, you may want to consider flushing, lest they ingest the bacteria or spread it to you.

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    I lived in a 10-person student co-op that followed the creed “if it’s yellow, leave it mellow,” and let me tell you, it did not seem very clean. I understand completely the sentiment behind preserving water, but when 10 people use the same 2 indoor toilets, this idea falls apart. It causes serious staining of the toilet boil, for one thing, and it smells very bad if it sits long enough. I’m a fan of peeing in the great outdoors or flushing the toilet. New eco-toilets have a dual-flush option that allows you to use less water when you flush a #1.

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