is it safe to use vinagar and ammonia to clean in a home with chlorinated city water

i spilled rubbing alcohol in the sink and a reaction started taking place. i want to clean greener than purchasing chemicals from store. i would like to make my own but i dont know what to use that would be safe for my health, the earth, and my septic. most home recipies for cleaning call for vinegar or ammonia. whats safe and effective??



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    First, the level of chlorine in drinking water is very low, anything above 1 milligram per liter of water is considered a problem by the EPA and treated for. This means there’s not enough to react well with ammonia and it’s safe to use ammonia. Vinegar will not react harmfully with chlorine.

    Vinegar and baking soda are some of the best cleaning materials for earth-safety; use vinegar on anything alkaline (like rust, lime, or soap scum) and use baking soda on acidic stains (fruit juices) or things needing an abrasive (silver). Orange oil is good for dissolving oily stains, and ammonia is not the worst cleaning pollutant since it’s a natural part of the nitrogen cycle. The EPA also has links on where to purchase green cleaning materials.

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