Is it safe to use rainwater for cooking?



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    Yes, but you should use a water filter first before doing so.  Boiling the water also kills a lot of germs as well, making it safer.  Berkley Water Filters are good for filtering rain water. 

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    Yes, but you need to filter the heck out of it. You figure it could get contaminated by the chemicals on your roof (if you’re using a roof rainwater collection system). 

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    It depends where you live.  in you live in an area that gets a lot of toxic/acid rain you would for sure want to filter the water (if you choose to use it at all).  For example if you live in Northern Canada then by all means you can use your crystal clear rain water, however if you live in Los Angeles I wouldn’t even use that water after 5 times of filtering.  You really need to know how polluted your rain is. 

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