Is it safe to use grey water to water veggies?



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    It all depends on how much the water is contaminated vs. How good of a filtration system is being put to use before the water is returned to the vegetable garden. If you have a good cleaning system installed and it’s operational, you should have no probelm using grey water for that application.

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    Greywater, in itself, is not safe to drink, so you have to be careful when handling it to use on edible plants. It is advised to NOT put greywater on the edible part (i.e. the lettuce leaf) but that putting it on the roots is okay. Plus, being aware of your greywater sources helps a lot. Do not use water from your dishwasher (the salts will ruin the soil over time), don’t ever use greywater that might have fecal matter in it, although shower or bathtub water is okay, and use only biodegradable, phosphate-free soaps if you want to use kitchen or sink water.

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