Is it safe to use animal feces in compost bins, and if so, from what animals?



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    You shouldn’t use human poop or dog or cat poop. They contain organisms and possibly viruses that can be harmful to the compost process as well as plant and human life. Essentially all grazing animals produce nitrogen rich poop that is excellent for compost. This includes sheep, horses, cows, any herbivore really. Try picking pies that are somewhat dried out, and not the freshest ones in the field. This allows them to be broken up and distributed through the compost more easily. There are products specifically for dog doo composting as well!

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    Not all animal feces are safe to place in compost bins. You should avoid adding feces from carnivorous animals to compost bins because of the risk of spreading pathogens. If you are going to place feces in a compost bin, you should make sure the feces is from an animal that only feeds on plant based foods. 

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    Poop from carnivores contains diseases, pathogens and organisms that may not be healthy for the compost and thus the practice is discouraged. Allow me to clarify exactly what to avoid.

    Never cat poop.

    Dog poop requires a worm compost (specifically earth worms and red wrigglers) that is to be designated for only that purpose. You cannot use a worm compost for both dog poop and food scarps, but a dog poop compost yields very rich and useable worm poop as compost.

    *even if your dog is vegetarian, you should avoid composting the poop as if he is a herbivore

    Human waste requires a toilet compost. The concept is that some bacteria will die and thus less pathogens.

    *even if you are are a vegetarian, do not compost as you would herbivore poop

    Poop from herbivores is not a problem. Horses, Cows, bats, ducks, goats, pigs, pigeons, chicken or any other herbivore. Grass feeders have very nitrogen rich poop which is great.

    Avoid bird poop, for it may have weed seeds.

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