Is it safe to say that even if humans are not entirely responsible for climate change we are definitely making things worse?



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    Yes, even if someone wants to argue that humans aren’t entirely responsible we are certainly not helping at all. Climate change has been made a lot worse by our greenhouse gas emissions from power plants and cars, and also because we are taking out a lot of trees.

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    Acid rain can also have contributions from humans, although they can be natural occurrences as well.  When humans produce sulfur dioxide emissions, they are affecting the climate.

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    Definitely. While many individual features of climate change (temperature irregularity, rising sea levels, intensified weather patterns) can be attributed to natural fluctuations in the overall ecosystem, the sheer rate at which the climate is currently undergoing noticeably huge changes is indicative of external disturbances aggravating world ecology.

    Historiographically, the rapid changes also fit within a direct timeline of human interaction with the environment. The first link cited below directs to a chart of world temperature increase since 1860, some decades after massive industrialization projects were begun by leading colonial powers of the day. Studied alongside historical developments in politics and the global economy, it becomes obvious that spikes in temperature correlate strongly with increased human industrial activity.

    As a parting thought, even if one takes industrialization out of the question, it makes a certain degree of sense that consumer-run culture is also a huge contributor to overall planetary decay. The insane amount of things people in consumer-culture use (due largely to market strategies of planned obsolescence and targeted advertising) generate astronomically giant amounts of waste that human society has yet to figure out ways to dispose of. When we do successfully get rid of our waste, it is often at the expense of other ecosystems, and doing that always comes back to haunt us in the long run.

    So, yes, at this point I think it’s beyond doubt that human activity does impact the climate as a whole. For more information on the effects of human society and culture on climate change, the second link cited directs to an article which is a good starting place for thinking about this heated issue.

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