Is it safe to ride a road bike in the rain or do the tires have insufficient traction on wet pavement?



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    If you are staying on roads and paved areas, the road bike will be able to ride fine, as long as you don’t try to turn quickly on wet leaves. Though road tires don’t have the same traction as off-road tires, they still are built with the ability to ride over rain, just not on loose ground, like dirt or mud.

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    Yes, and if you’re worried about losing traction in the rain deflate your tires a little bit. They allow more surface contact with the road, which creates better traction on any surface. But it creates additional drag, so you have to work harder to move the bike (usually marginally) than with fully inflated tires. The same principal holds true for snow, though its significantly more difficult to ride a bike in. For vehicles, you also can increase traction in less-then-stellar conditions by reducing the air in tires.

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    It is safe to ride your bike in the rain, however, you should not deflate the tires on your bike.  According to Sheldon Brown the high pressure of a bicycle tire is one of the reasons bikes cannot hydroplane like cars.  A properly inflated bike tire has a curved road contact surface, which is effective for pushing water away to either side when braking and taking corners.  A deflated bike tire can cause “squirm” which reduces the traction of the tire when going around corners.

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