Is it safe to refill single-use water bottles?



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    Yes. There has been much controversy regarding this topic, and many people have been frightened into not reusing water bottles due to increase bacterial growth after more than one use, or the leeching of harmful chemicals into the water. Many of us read these rumors in emails about “sutendt thesis projects” that have not been subject to peer review.

    Numerous studies have found that plastic, by its very nature is a very sanitary product, and if washed between uses (like your regular cups or mugs), you safe from harmful bacterial growth. What about chemical leeching? Most plastic bottles are made of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and have been deemed by the FDA a suitable as a food-contact material for single and repeated use. Toxological properties of PET have been studied for chemical migration under various conditions and is deemed safe for intended uses (results can be found here

    to learn more about reusing water bottles.

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