Is it safe to live near the Chernobyl site today?



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    Immediately after the explosion at the nuclear reactor site in Chernobyl, it was extremely dangerous to be near the site due to high levels of radioactive elements that were emitted into the environment. However, it is much safer now to be near the Chernobyl site then it was right after the explosion. Accordingly, one may visit the site and be in the area for a limited time without any known side effects. However, to ensure the safety of the people, there is an exclusion zone and people are warned not to inhabit the area for fear of their health. However, there are some who choose to live near the site of their own will. Studies on their condition have not found a direct link between constant low level exposure to radioactive elements in the environment and an increase in cancer. Exposure to low levels of radiation over period of time is considered to be less dangerous than exposure to a huge amount at one time. 

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