Is it safe to keep a possum as a pet?



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    Could you?  Probably.  Should you?  No!  An opossum is considered a wild animal, and in most states it is illegal to keep a wild animal as a pet.  Aside from this, an opossum eats a very specific diet, and if it does not consume the correct ratio of calcium to phosphorus, the opossum may develop Metabolic  Bone Disease.  If you have found an orphaned or injured opossum, or if you have somehow come across one outside of its natural environment, do yourself and the opossum a favor and release it back into the wild, or call your local wildlife control center!

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    A wild animal should never be kept as a pet for a few reasons. One, we typically can’t provide them with the right food and habitat for their comfort and survival. Another important reason is that many wild animals carry infectious diseases that are very harmful for humans. You could become very ill or even die if the animal gets agitated and bites or even scratches you. And, most often, there are local laws preventing you from harboring wild animals. You could be fined or jailed in some areas for keeping an animal like a possum as a pet.

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