Is it safe to exercise while juice fasting?



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    I wouldn’t do anything too strenuous, but if you feel up to some moderate activity (maybe going for a walk or some crunches, etc, or streching), it probably wouldn’t hurt. Do whatever feels good for you, and if you feel faint, stop. This person: says when he juice fasts, he tends to have good days and bad days, energy-wise, and he does exercise on the good days.  

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    I agree with sfincher’s answer.  This blogger says he recommends walking, elliptical, swimming, and a stretch machine.  It’s probably something you’d want to run past your doctor.  Also, be careful going outside in the extreme heat to exercise while you are fasting as your body will not be as prepared to handle both heat and exertion.

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    It’s not typically recommended, however, you can technically be on a liquid diet for a short amount of time and be fine while exercising. It also depends on how substantive your juice is – if it’s something more like the consistency of V8, with lots of vegetables and fruit, you should be fine. If the consistency is more watery, you could end up over exerting yourself and passing out, or feeling sick and low energy the next day. Your muscles also need nourishment after a work out, namely a good source of glycogen, so I would make an exception to your diet and have a glass of fat-free chocolate milk or a protein shake 0-45 minutes after working out.

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    You want to make sure that you are taking in more calories than you are putting out. This is particularly important when you are exercising. I would complete your fast before starting any workout routines. You need to allow yourself to adjust to the fast before putting any added stress onto your body.

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    In addition to everything that has been suggested at this point, another two variables to consider are how healthy and active you are in general, and how long your juice has lasted/will last. If you are generally very healthy and active, and you are doing a week of fast, then you will be fun with some moderate activity like jogging or hiking. If your fast is much longer than that, take it easy. However, if you are a beginner at exercise and fasting, then definitely do not introduce a routine at this point. Complete your fast, and then consult a doctor about an appropriate level of activity.

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    I am going to speak from personal experience on this one even though everyone before me made some very valid points. Just this past summer I did the Master Cleanse (otherwise known as the lemonade diet) for five days. This is an intense cleanse and in my opinion, very hard to get through. Stanley Burroughs recommends doing this for 10 whole days, but I could only do 5. I felt so weak and drained that when I transitioned to fresh-squeezed orange juice I felt so refreshed and revived! After not exercising for 5 days I ran two miles that morning and felt great! I stayed on juice for the next 2 days after and was able to continue my exercise routine just fine. I am sure that everybody is different though and you have to do what is best for you; I recommend going with what you feel. Good luck!

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