Is it safe to eat the snow in south eastern Iowa?



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    All snow is safe to eat, for fun, as long as you are not scooping it off a surface that may have harmful things. Roads can have oil, coolant and other hazards on them, so it would be better to scoop off the top of a fresh pile, or put a plate out to fill up during a storm. Snow will lower your core body temperature, so it is not safe to eat in a survival situation where you risk freezing to death. It is only okay just for a few bites for the fun of it. 

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    I highly recommend that you don’t. Most snow is polluted not only by surface chemicals and pollutants, but also by air. “The reason you shouldn’t eat snow is because snowflakes form on small pieces of dust. When they fall from the clouds they pick up pollution in the air. The pollution sticks to the snowflake, then the flake falls to the ground. If you eat the snow you might also be eating pollution and dirt.”

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