Is it safe to eat the food from small street markets when you travel?



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    Street food is a great way to experience local culture, but you should take some caution when eating it.  If you’re new to traveling and/or have a weak stomach, you should avoid most street food.  However, it is usually safe to eat street food that is well cooked and still hot.  Be more wary with raw fruits and vegetables – don’t buy or eat produce with damaged skin, and make sure to wash it well before you eat it.  Although it has its risks and there are many safer dining options, avoiding all street food and markets would make you miss out on lots of great experiences, so just be wise with what you eat.

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    Not always, but if you avoid them completely then you will probably miss out on some of the best food of the trip. A good rule of thumb I always follow is to eat where you see a lot of locals eating… and be sure to have some diarrhea medicine on hand just in case. 

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