Is it safe to consume fish caught off CA coast?

I think of the Powr plants, refineries around San Pedro, Long Beach S.of Los Angeles..and San Gabriel River of course.. and i also hear seweage overflow that eventually empties to pacific water off CA coast/some directly thru channel and rivers..others by this pipeline thing!

Now the use is banned, but DDT was a big issue of concern to degradating water quality, overall marine environ.. presumably still visible on CA coastal oceaninc bottom mixed in sediment.. the effect to the thinning of bal eagle eggshell etc.. and also news about mercury..other carciogens in heavy concentration inside some types of fish..particularly king fish (also called white croaker ) – heard some people even got cancer after eating ones caught off santa monica pier.
(more likely can’t scientifically be verifies the direct link right?)

but it’s still mind boggling very much to imagine being sick after eating potentially polluted fish caught off CA coast.. seems to me, fish caught further offshore in general taste better than ones being caught shallower area as pier.. is this observed fact has much link..or logical basis to think it has somewat to do with water contamination?

Brief to the point, is it much safer to eat fish from along CA coast..or if it’s safer to eat fish from farther offshore than immediate vicinity of shallow water?



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    It depends on the type of fish.  The Monterey Bay Aquarium has put together a “super green” list  – fish that are good for humans and good for the environment.  They take into account things that you mention:  DDT, and contaminants (including mercury and PCBs).  I recommend you spend time on their website and consider calling them if you still have questions.

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      Yes, I appereciate your kindly response to my inquiry on safety of eating wild fish population off CA’s coast.. Not necessarily, it seems to me, eco friendly way of fish harvest- aquaculture can offer with less pollutants and health hazard than wild caught ones.. now acqua farmers practice heavy usage of fertilizers and other growth hormone and the analysis actually found it has (occasionally)greater heal risk eating farm grown ones the the wild stock.. Most shrimps and salmon species, major marketed staple (as seafood) seem to be safer to eat than white tuna(albacore), sharks and oyster and other clam species they say.. i also presume bass, rock cod and white croakers caught offshore Channel islands are much healthier to eat than acqua farm harvested fresh salmons.. So for the wild species, i guess the location of harvest does play a significant role in determining whether it’s safer to consume or not..

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    There is quite a lot of information available about what is safe or not at any given time, not only in terms of eating the fish, but about sustainble fishing and safe swimming and surfing as well.  I grew up in S. Cali and fished off of King Harbor at Redondo Bch and in Palos Verdes, but I wouldn’t eat the fish from any of those areas now.

    King Harbor Pier in Redondo Beach: Fishing off the coast of CaliforniaKing Harbor Pier in Redondo Beach: Fishing off the coast of California

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      thanks for your comment.. i’ve heard the report significantly high concentration of DDT- a once vital ingredient to manufacture pesticide- is still dissolved in water around Palos Verde area, and also mixed in coastal sediments on the bottom! I saw people catching mackerel, bonito, halibut on Redondo pier..however i wouldn’t eat them either due to health risk warning sign posted on the pier.. Ever winter season storm generated heavy rains result in seweage overflow in the area..and also due to the coastal area’s proximity to the notorious San Gabriel brigns oceanic color change into murkier one..partly due to wave generated swirl of bottom sediment- natural phenomena, but also majorly due to this seweage overflow!

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