Is it safe to add some of the extra marinade used for marinating the meat during the the cooking process?

Meaning can I add more of the used marinade on the food as it is cooking to help add flavor and keep it moist?



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    Yes you certainly can use the extra marinade DURING the cooking.  However, it is highly suggested that you boil the marinade a little bit to make sure that you are killing any bacteria.  The marinade has been sitting with raw meats, so there is a chance that it contains any of the foodborne illnesses that the raw meat has.  However, by cooking the marinade you will be doing exactly what cooking the meat is doing: killing the bacteria.  In no circumstance should you add the marinade AFTER cooking the meat, but as long as the marinade gets cooked too, you will be fine.

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    As long as you are heating the marinade and everything it touches to above 140 degrees F (165 degrees F for chicken marinade), you should be safe because the high temperatures will kill any bacteria.

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