Is it right to keep animals in captivity, such as zoos or circuses, purely for amusement?



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    Of course people will all have their own opinions of this.  Personally, I am against the use of animals purely for entertainment and don’t think animals should be included in circuses.  However, I don’t believe that it is wrong to keep animals in zoos as they are not there purely for human amusement.  Zoos provide people with the opportunity for people to learn about animals.  I’m sure that many people who have become vets or have taken up another occupation that helps animals first were inspired to do so after a childhood trip to a zoo.  Zoos also provide scientists a way to do research on animals, and that research could help to benefit the wild populations of animals not in captivity.

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    My opinion on this would be dependent on how the animal is treated.  If the animal is treated in a humane manner and is given a good quality of life.  I personally do not see the harm.  There is a big difference between a zoo and circus.  Zoo’s main goals should be conservation through breed and education.  Circus are entertainment.  It it very difficult to say if an animal that is naturally wild will live a good life in captivity.  Again, it all comes down to the treatment and life of the animal.  Mistreating animals anywhere should not be allowed.

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    I don’t think so, and I find this particularly relevant if the species are at all endangered.  Technology allows us to get close to some of the most exotic animals in the world (pictures, documentaries, Internet), and while I’m as intersted in these animals as anyone, their boundaries should be respected.  Sanctuaries should be preserved, though.

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    Personally, I am against keeping animals in captivity, unless they wouldn’t survive in the wild and they are being helped medically.  I just think it is morally wrong to take a wild animal out of its natural habitat and place it in a cage for the enjoyment of humans.

    I am completely against animals being used in circuses because I fear they are being abused.  It isn’t natural for animals to be used for tricks in a circus or theme park environment. They are meant to roam the vast expanses of their habitat free from human interaction.  

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    Sometimes it is, sometimes it is not. This depends entirely on the situation of the species that the animal belongs to. Unfortunately, sometimes animal specie population become so depleted due to human practices that they can not rejuvinate themselves without the help of humans. This usually can only be done within zoos and other places. However, this should not be done for the sole purpose of little children’s amusement. Animals are intrinsic, not instrumental beings. 

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    It depends on who you ask and from perspective you are receiving a response. There are people that believe keeping animals in captivity even if they are cared for is wrong because the animals aren’t in their natural habitat. I don’t find it a problem unless the animals are being abused and malnourished. Animals deserve respect, after all they have feelings too!

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